Butterfly room


Welcome to the butterfly room. This room cares for children aged between 2 and 3 years old. We promote activities and experiences, which encourage children to play cooperatively and purposefully with staff and other children e.g. group games, clearing away and laying out equipment, sharing meals and snacks and home corner activities where imaginative activities are based on real life.

Staffs listen carefully to children's communication and encourage them to express their ideas e.g. choosing books, songs, and role play and selecting materials.

Creative sessions will allow your child to convey their experience and knowledge through painting, play dough, drawing and collage. We will try and send a sample of your child's work home every day (so you can build up your art collection) but we will keep some items for our records and displays so we are all able to share in their achievements.

At this stage of their development a wide range of activities will be provided to enhance all aspects of learning. We respect your child as an individual and approiate intervention will lead to positive social, emotional and intellectual growth All children will be given the opportinity to play and have fun outside and enjoy the fresh air in beautiful gardens, weather permitting.