Caterpillar room


Welcome to the Caterpillar room. This room accommodates children of ages 16 months upto 2 years old.

To ensure compatibility of care routines, our staff will liase with parents to meet the individual needs of your child. Toys and activities im this room reflect the development and growth of your child. Moving objects and play materials will be used to promote hand eye coordination e.g. mobiles, balls, pull along toys, clapping games, building bricks and natural materials.

Your child is on the move now, therefore equipment will be offered to allow freedom of movement and facilitate exploration and mobility. Children's natural creative flare will be encouraged through messy play, water, sand, painting and sticking. Staff will praise and encourage your child to reinforce their efforts and stimulate enjoyment im physical movement and developing new skills. To promote language acquisition we will create opportunities for description of everyday activities, repetitive games, nursery rhymes and singing.

Staff will encourage and reinforce conversational exchange by demonstrating that they have heard and understood. Interaction and communication will be promoted through books, stories and objects that stimulate interest and evoke positive reactions. Our experienced staff will assess and review your child's development with you so enabling them to move on to the next stage. This is a gradual process and will be discussed before transition takes place.